Dbayyeh Convention Center
- Ideation and Approach to Design - Scientifically & Logical approach - Basic layout presentation and schematics - Arts & Culture

The "Innovation" workshop can assist our students to fully achieve their innovative capabilities. The workshop provides a comprehensive framework on ideation and design phases. It includes an overview on design tools and techniques in addition to cultural and historical concepts. ورشة تدريبية تجمع النظري و العملي,تغطي الورشة المهارات الهندسية الازمة لتصميم و ابتكار نماذج و منتجات عملية.تشمل الورشة ايضا افكار هندسيه و تاريخية من منطقتنا و بيئتنا.

  • Category : Innovation
  • Level : Low
  • Reuirements : - Completed Brevet (3eme) level
  • Capacity : 18
  • Website :
  • Number per group : 1 (Individual)
  • Partner : Bloom Edu