Event Objective

With the continuous support and complete alignment with UNICEF Youth Startegy, and building upon the momentum of previous GGIT events, LLWB will be dedicating a new edition of Girls Got IT targetting sepcifically the Southern region of Lebanon.
This new edition will be targetting 500 girls students from  Lebanese and Syrian communities, and will host between 20 to 23 workshops partners. Students outreach will be done through NGOS and schools coordinators to recruit participating girls students.
Our objectives from this edition is to contribute to skills building of young girls in Beirut and Mount Lebanon through hands on learning systems, aiming to provide youth with basic marketable and transferable skills and abilities to shorten the transition period from schools to the job market.

GGIT- BML will encourage young girls from both the Lebanese and the Syrian communities to experience the capabilities of IT (Information Technology) and STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic) in order to select them as career choices even they might not pursue a university degree; to promote essential technology skills for today's global economy; to improve girls self-esteem through learning by using hands-on activities; to bridge the gender gap in technology-related fields by bringing awareness to girl students on the importance of ICT and the opportunities it can offer; to encourage young people to express their opinions, using direct interaction with the organizers and digital engagement, including social media.
On another level, our event will be aiming also to contribute to the startup ecosystem in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, by partnering with entrepreneurs, SME and tech specialists from the region to provide GGIT workshops. As well as we target to identify our inspirational speakers so they can share their experiences and motivation with our participants.




Event Agenda

8:00 am Registration and breakfast 
9:00 am Opening remarks by LLWB - Ms. Asmahan Zein 
9:10 am Key note speech by UNICEF representative
9:20 am Key note speech by MEHE representative
9:30 am Guest speaker: Mr. Alaa Alsallal – Founder of Jamalon 
9:40 am Guest speaker: Ms. Tala Nsouli- Mc Kenzie
9:50 am Guest Speaker: Mr. Wissam Sabbagh- Founder of Dot Com Lebanon
10:00 am All students join their workshops
15:30 am Lunch break
16:30 am Guest speaker: Zeina Bou Harb- Head of International Cooperation at Ogero
16:35 am Guest speaker: Ms. Nayla Fahed – Founder of Tabshoura 
16:40 am Awards Ceremony
17:00 am Closing remarks and group photo