Event Objective

In its second edition, the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB), Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC), Women in Technology (WIT), Women in Engineering (WIE) and Digital Opportunity trust (DOT) took the "Girls Got IT" initiative and implemented it in the Bekaa valley on November 26 and 27 , 2016. This project was in partnership with UNICEF and funded by the Netherlands.
The objective of the initiative is to encourage girls from public and private schools and from marginalized communities to experience the capabilities of IT (Information Technology) and STEAM subjects (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematic) in order to select them as career choices; to promote essential technology skills for today's global economy; to improve girls self-esteem through learning by using hands-on activities; to bridge the gender gap in technology-related fields by bringing awareness to girl students on the importance of ICT and the opportunities it can offer. Our aim is also to break the cultural stereotypes of women in STEAM by exposing young girls to inspiring role models and success stories from Lebanon and last but not least, to strengthen the bonds within society through fostering volunteering and the spirit of giving back to the society. In November 2016, Girls got IT will gather 450 student girls aged 15-16 from high schools all over Bekaa area for 2 full days of technology immersion at the Lebanese International University (LIU) – Khiara, West Bekaa campus.

Girls Got IT Purpose
·         Encourage girls to select IT and STEAM subjects as career choices

·         Break the cultural stereotypes of women in STEAM by exposing young girls to essential technology skills and inspiring role models and success stories from Lebanon

·         Support the technology startup ecosystem in Lebanon

Girls from Bekaa refugee settlements and special schools, 15-18 years old 200 Syrian efugee and Lebanese girls coming from refugee settlements and vulnerable communities will be benefiting from tailored Arabic content STEM workshops. This target group will be mobilized through a partnership agreement with several NGOs such as: Sawa for Syria, Malala Kayani, Sonbola, Beyond, LOST, World Vision, Beitkom, and others.



Event Agenda

8:00 am Girls arrival and breakfast
9:00 am Opening ceremony
9:30 am Hands-on workshops
1:30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Closing and awards ceremony
4:00 pm End of event