Dbayyeh Convention Center
using SketchUp - understanding of 2D and 3D forms - sketching - Design process and thinking - basic architectural understanding

The main aim of the workshop is to provide the students with basic knowledge of the architectural software SketchUp as a tool for design and innovation, allowing them to proceed later on to use the program without the need of assistance/guidance to develop their skills. SketchUp deals both with 2D and 3D forms, and thus throughout the workshop, the students will learn, step by step, how the program works and how to design any form they desire from scratch, and transform their ideas from planes to volumes, up until they can design a full building according to their liking. Students will be working in pairs. The workshop will be divided into 2 segments: 1. The first part will be an introduction to the program, and the development of a specific form (a basic house) from 2D to 3D in parallel with the facilitators. By the end of the first part, the students will have acquired and understood the basic tools for construction in SketchUp. 2. The second part will focus on two things: program exploration and idea exploration. Each pair of students will brainstorm together in order to come up with the design and program (functions) of a simple building of their desire and imagination. After this phase, the students will work towards constructing the building on SketchUp according to the allocated time, using the tools they learnt in the first part of the workshop. The facilitators will be available during the whole workshop to provide assistance and guidance, and to stimulate the students’ creativity and interest. At the end of the workshop, each pair is required to briefly present the ideas they came up with, and to showcase their designs.

  • Category : Design and animation
  • Level : Medium
  • Reuirements : Know how to use a laptop - understand and speak English