Dbayyeh Convention Center
Participants will get exposed to the different hardware technologies that are available nowadays to help them prototype and build hardware products and ideas that they have. They will have to: design, learn about mechanical engineering and machine designs, different machine functions and the shapes that each machine can produce and practice some hands-on work on machines and develop practical, analytical and dexterity skills. The last part is introducing electronic components and the function of each component that they will use in their project.

Every day, we use products and tools around us to serve our needs. These products are very divers from a simple pen to write, a chair, to a mobile phone and it cover, a watch or even technological gadgets such VR goggles or toy robots. Have you wondered how these items are designed, built and how they eventually work? In this workshop, you will be introduced to the different technologies that are in our hand nowadays to enable us build the products and prototypes that we need and want. In a presentation, we will go through the different technologies in hardware and electronics for prototyping . After that, each team will learn to assemble two types of woodoworking machines and work on these machines to build a project and then add electronics to it to bring it to life.

  • Category : Hands-on Engineering
  • Level : Medium
  • Reuirements : - Curious to know about mechanical engineering and mechatronics and its applications - Eager working on machines to build her project - Eager to explore her creativity in hardware product design and implementation